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Xray Texture Packs 1.17 and Xray Mods 1.17

You’d be forgiven thinking that x-ray vision was reserved for server admins and superheroes. With the installation of a 1.17 x-ray texture pack or 1.17 x-ray mod, you’ll have the power to see through any block in the game! Want to find out more about x-ray vision for the Caves & Cliffs update? Then keep reading!

What are Xray Texture Packs 1.17 and Xray Mods 1.17?

Xray Ultimate 1.17 for Minecraft is what you might expect from the title. Ever wish you could simply see through the ground to find all those precious materials your heart desires? Well, with this resource pack, you can do just that! Easy to install and even easier to use, this resource pack makes half of the gameplay in Minecraft about half as fast!

Xray Texture Packs 1.17 and Xray Mods 1.17

What are the best Xray Texture Packs and Xray Mods for 1.17?

Here’s a rundown of the best and brightest xray texture pack content for Minecraft 1.17. Give them all a try to find out which suits your playstyle the best!

Advanced Xray Mod 1.16.2 for Minecraft - 1

Advanced Xray Mod 1.17 

This is one of our all-time favorite xray mods. This mod makes finding anything you could possibly ever want in Minecraft incredibly easy. Instead of removing all the blocks from the game, this mod actually lets you pick and choose which blocks you’d like to see. This means you can truly customize your x-ray vision, letting you alter the mod whenever you want. This results in an incredibly useful and versatile discovery tool.

Xray Ultimate 1.16.2 for Minecraft - 3

Xray Ultimate 1.17

If you’re someone who doesn’t like installing mods or finds them too daunting, then here’s an x-ray option just for you. Xray Ultimate 1.17 is actually a resource pack, meaning that it’s incredibly easy to install. This keeps your version of Minecraft mod free and clean as a whistle. The only downside is that the pack can’t be tweaked or altered as a mod can, but you are able to easily switch between resource packs for when you’d like to turn your x-ray mode off.

BeastX Xray Texture Pack 1.14.3 - 1.14.2 - 1.14.1 - 1.14 - 1

Xray BeastX 1.17

Here’s another resource pack entry to our list of Xray 1.17. Again, while this resource pack might not boast some of the cool features and settings that a dedicated x-ray mod might do, it does allow players to easily give themselves x-ray vision without the hassle of mod installation.

Xray Ultimate 1.16.2 for Minecraft - 1

Pros of Xray Texture Packs and Xray Mods

✔ Simple to install and easy to use

✔ Great for easily finding rare materials and hidden structures

✔ Usually affects the game’s performance for the better

Cons of Xray Texture Packs and Xray Mods

X Typically requires multiple downloads and mod installation

X Can be used to cheat or grief other players in online modes

X Not useful for hardcore survival players or players against cheating

Advanced Xray Mod 1.16.2 for Minecraft - 3

How to install Xray Texture Packs and Xray mods for Minecraft 1.17:

Xray Texture Packs:

First, we’ll start with the texture pack installation. We recommend having Optifine installed whenever installing resource packs.

To begin, download the x-ray resource pack you want to play with as a zip. When that’s done, make your way to Minecraft’s setting menu and go to options>resource packs>open resource pack folder. The folder you need will open for you.

Alternatively, you can find the folder by going to one of the following file directories:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft

Just place the zip file for your x-ray resource pack into the resource pack folder and you’re done! You will then be able to choose the pack from your resource pack menu in Minecraft.

Xray Mod Packs:

First, make sure you have a modloader installed. We’ll be using Forge, and you can see how to install that here.

With your modloader (Forge, in our case) installed, download the zip for the x-ray mod you wish to use. Also, make sure to launch the game with your modloader profile at least once through the Launcher.

Go to the appropriate file directory listed in the table below, and open the folder named ‘mods’.

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft

To install your x-ray mod, just place the zip file inside of the folder. Once you start the game with the modloader (Forge) profile, you should see that the x-ray mod you chose is installed.

Note that there is also an available version of Xray Minecraft PE for mobile phones and Xbox.

Note: Currently, Xray texture packs and mods for Minecraft 1.17 are not yet released to the public. However, you can download the previous versions while the developers work on their 1.17 versions.