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Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16.3

With the recent release of Minecraft 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 /1.16 players and developers have been buzzing around after the somewhat “flop” 1.15.2 update. The nether update is sure to bring a new spin to the entire world of Minecraft. This is one of the reasons why people have been asking when any new Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16 are gonna come out. The community demanded so the developers delivered.

Update for Minecraft Xray 1.16.3

At this moment you can now officially download legit versions of Xray for Minecraft 1.16.3 also ones which include the seeing through of the new blocks which are not see-through in some other versions. Please choose which Xray Pack for 1.16.3 you would like to download and simply install it. Minecraft Xray 1.16.3 ranges from Simple texture packs to full mods which can be toggled on and off. Click on the links below to download.

What are Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 /1.16

Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs which allows a player to see through other blocks as if they were transparent. This coherently makes it easier for them to locate the desired ores, veins, blocks, resources that they want to find. This can genuinely help you boost the overall time in finding diamonds, gold, or any other materials you want to gather.

Aside from veins, ores and materials Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs can help players locate barracks, spawners, specific mobs and more. On multiplayer, if a server is not very high on security some players can even use these types of Mods and Packs to locate other player’s bases easily. This basically means that you get the upper hand on the entire game by making everything easier for you by a hundred times.

There are different types of Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs. These can range from simplistic texture packs that replace your blocks into transparent blocks creating a hollow mirror effect up to super creative mods which can let you choose which specific blocks do you want to make transparent.

Optifine 1.15.2

Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 /1.16 with OptiFine

Before you even try to download ANY Xray pack please do note that you NEED Optifine to make it work properly. Aside from the fact that you need it to run Xray, it also gives players tons of other advantages such as full brightness control, and the ability of “lightroom”. Lightroom means that if you light one location it will automatically light the entire area which you are exploring.

This is an advantage because some of the Xray Packs are known to be texture packs that replace your textures with transparent ones making you see through blocks BUT, it leaves areas dark unless lava is near. With OptiFine, it pretty much helps solve the problem.

Aside from that, there are other more advantages that you can get from running OptiFine with Xray Resource Packs. OptiFine by itself also provides its own advantages such as faster FPS, clearer aesthetics, and next-level customization of graphics. Let us not forget to mention that it allows you to install shaders.

Here are awesome links to help you download OptiFine,

Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16

Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16.3 Exploitation

Since Xray packs were created some of the players have used them to exploit and cheat on multiplayer servers to take the upper hand. They have used it to find other player’s bases and raid them. They have also used Xray packs to find resources faster than every other player in the server. Another exploitation is for sneak attacking other players in PvP.

Most of the servers have already patched this problem by blocking Xray Mods and Xray Texture packs with auto-ban and auto IP blocks. However, this has not fully solved the problem as some Xray packs can still run through despite all the security measures.

Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16

Xray Mods and Xray Texture Packs 1.16.3 Disclaimer

We at minecraft-resourcepacks.com do not condone to any form of cheating or exploitation of Xray packs. We highly recommend that you refrain from using Xray packs for multiplayer servers due to the fact that it will possibly affect the gameplay of other players and make their gaming experience difficult.

We at minecraft-resourcepacks.com recommend that Xray Resource Packs should only be used in solo play when showcasing and for fun. We do not recommend Xray Resource Packs for any competitive play or for actions that may affect other players’ gaming experience which may cause negative reactions.