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Optifine HD 1.13 is the latest version of the Mod series as of October 2018. It is the version specifically made to comply with Minecraft 1.13. Optifine is constantly being updated by its creators to comply with the latest version of Minecraft. It’s currently one of the most downloaded, and most installed mods for the game. This is because it dynamically improves your FPS and boosts your games total performance. You can use Optifine with all texture packs. There are also even some texture packs that require you to install Optifine to ensure that it runs perfectly well. It is fairly easy to install. You can learn how to download OptiFine right away. If you want to run Minecraft on another level then Optifine is always one of the Mods to start with.

Optifine makes Minecraft better. It makes the game run much faster and use lesser resources. But one of the most significant effects of installing Optifine is that you no longer need to install tons of other mods just to run your texture packs perfectly. It has become the all in one solution to ensure that your texture packs are perfectly running as smooth as possible.

Optifine HD 1.13 Features:

  • Double your FPS
  • Reduce lag spikes
  • Smoothens overall gameplay
  • Support for shaders
  • HD textures
  • HD fonts
  • Support for HD texture packs
  • Support for custom lighting
  • Support for unlimited texture size
  • Variable render distance
  • Dynamic lights
  • Vsync
  • Configurable smooth lights
  • Advanced OpenGL
  • Fog control
  • Mipmaps
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Antialiasing
  • Better Grass
  • Better Snow
  • FPS Control
  • Chunk load controlling
  • Autosave

Those features were just a small number for the total number of features that OptiFine has. Click here to view all the features of Optifine.

Download links to versions of Optifine 1.13 HD