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8x8 Obscure PvP Texture Pack

Minecraft FPSBoost PvP Texture Pack 8×8/16×16 1.9.4

FPSBoost PvP Texture Pack ObscurePack is based on 8x8/16x16 resolution. It has been made by the swiss pvp resource pack creator "HotDugz". The...
Fps+++ PvP Resource Pack

MaxFPS PvP Resource Pack GreenyGrappe

PvP Texture Pack GreenyGrappe is an "Ultra No Lag" PvP Resource Pack. The Pack has been optimized for HighFPS. More over it is based...
Gold & Blue

PvP Resource Pack Gold & Blue 1.9.4, 1.8.7 & 1.7.10

Resourcepack Gold & Blue by Fabixz9904 With "Gold & Blue Pack! " Fabixz9904 released a pretty nice default edit which is also optimized for high...